Baby chicks provide positive distraction at Wynantskill school

A schoolwide project at St. Jude the Apostle in Wynantskill started March 9. Eggs donated by a family at the school were placed in an incubator.

The eggs started to move 21 days later, and small holes and cracks began appearing.
Principal Kris Hoffay set up a livestream, so everyone in the school community could watch.

When the children came to school on Thursday, they were able to see nine live chicks that had already hatched.

A total of 17 baby chicks hatched. The adorable moments were all livestreamed.

All this happened as those prank phone calls came in last week with false threats, sending nearly a dozen schools in our area into lockdown.

Every time the principal sent an update on the lockdown, she made sure to include how many chicks had hatched up to that point, as something positive to focus on, and something to relieve a little stress.

Other schools nearby even joined in to watch the livestream.

See what the baby chicks looked like by watching the video of Subrina Dhammis story.