Bill proposes ban on tackle football for kids

With the Super Bowl just around the corner – state lawmakers are re-introducing a bill that would ban tackle football for children 12 years old and under.

An assemblymember has tried to get this bill passed for the last 10 years.

However, the world saw Buffalo Bills player Damar Hamlin go into cardiac arrest in January, and collapse on the field. That split a lot of people’s opinions on football safety.

Rules and protocols have changed in the NFL to protect players as much as possible from severe head injuries, and becoming victims of CTE.

Assemblyman Michael Benedetto, who represents the Bronx, says his bill never had a fighting chance until now.

He has a Senate sponsor for the first time, Senator Luis Sepulveda.

At a Tuesday press conference, both lawmakers said this bill is vital. They cited research that explains the damages the brain takes from repeated blows to the head.

“While the Super Bowl is an awful lot of fun, it’s not fun when you see young children who run around, play a game that they are hitting their heads dozens, hundreds of times a week,” said Benedetto.

“We should never allow them to engage in a sport that’s going to create neurological disorders, and other mental traumas on our children,” said Sepulveda.

However, one doctor NewsChannel 13 spoke with says the sport has both pros and cons when it comes to kids.

Hear his thoughts by watching the video of Tessa Bentulan’s story.