RSV cases hitting babies hard

RSV cases have run rampant this season, causing many children to be hospitalized – including several babies who are only weeks old.

That includes 5-week-old Max Close. The baby started to breathe heavily, was coughing and congested, which only got worse. He was eventually admitted to Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital. Max ended up being intubated for 10 days before showing signs of improvement.

“The smaller you are, the harder you fall – unfortunately – with a lot of these viral respiratory illnesses,” said Dr. John Carl with Cleveland Clinic Children’s Hospital. “Kids under two to three months tend to be the most severely affected.”

Carl says mom did the right thing by bringing in her son in as soon as he had issues breathing, and encourages other parents to do the same.

Plus, families are urged to use caution during the upcoming holidays – not only with small children – but also the elderly.