Study: ‘Normal’ school routine can help kids with concussion recovery

A recent study confirms what many doctors already suspected – getting kids back in school soon after a concussion is good for their recovery.

The study was conducted by the Children’s National Hospital in Maryland.

Doctors found that kids 5 to 18 years old who suffered a sports-related concussion had fewer symptoms if they returned to school just a few days after their injury.

Rest and relaxation was prescribed for many years as the way to recover. However, doctors have found that getting kids back into their groove really helps them heal.

“You know, we are social beings. We like to be with people. So you know, isolation is not necessarily the best thing. Schedules are really good for kids,” said Dr. Brian Reeder, a sports medicine physician. “So keeping them on a schedule back in their kind of normal is also good for them.”

The study recommended children between 8 and 18 can return to school within two days of their injury.