Lenox woman 'ticked-off' by harmful bug sprays creates natural repellent

September 26, 2019 03:06 PM

LENOX, Mass. - Tonya Defriest says she is on a mission to protect people. So, in her Lenox, Mass. kitchen, she is mixing up a tick-deterrent brew.

Defriest's background is skincare, with special soaps, roll-ons, and lotions that have oils like lemon eucalyptus, witch hazel, and lemongrass.


Her tick and insect repellent was born out of her husband's illness. He was diagnosed with MS for five years. After all that time, and a decline in her husband's health, they later discovered it was actually Lyme disease. After treatment for Lyme disease, he improved.

Following that scare, Defriest decided she wanted her family of nature lovers not to use bug repellent containing chemicals, so she started to make her own.

She calls it "I'm Not Gonna Get Ticked" and says it's been tested and works.

Defriest attends farmers' markets and other events. She says people are giving it a try and liking it.

She is happy she is giving people a natural option.

Defriest says there are some easy precautions you should take in addition to buying the repellent. Hear about them by watching the video of Elaine Houston's story.

MORE INFORMATION: 'I'm Not Gonna Get Ticked' website


Elaine Houston & WNYT Staff

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