What to know about peptic ulcer disease

There’s a disease that’s been making the national spotlight this week after a legendary musician postponed all his September shows.

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Famous musician Bruce Springsteen has postponed all of his September shows after being diagnosed with Peptic Ulcer Disease.
It may be a foreign illness to some, but doctors say one of its major causes is quite common.

Peptic Ulcer Disease occurs when open sores – or ulcers – form in the stomach or small intestine.
It can often go undiagnosed since a person may not experience any symptoms.
However when they do – it’s a burning feeling in the stomach, along with heartburn and nausea.
For some, the condition may be brought on by a certain type of bacteria.
But there’s another leading factor that you may find in your medicine cabinet.

Doctors say if you feel any burning or bloating in your stomach, you should contact your physician.