The Up Beat is a podcast about perseverance and hope, hosted by NewsChannel 13 anchor and reporter Mark Mulholland. It’s a podcast for anyone and everyone who has experienced loss or faced adversity and wants support and some help looking up.

Mark is the founder of Kelly’s Angels, a charitable organization dedicated to helping families in New York’s Capital Region smile again after the loss of a parent or child, or who are currently battling a life-threatening condition. Mark’s children, Connor and McKenna, were only 7 and 5 when they lost their mom, Kelly, to breast cancer in 2007. The Mulhollands know how heavy the weight of grief can be. They also know how love and kindness from others can lift you up and strengthen your spirit.

The Up Beat strives to help its listeners stay positive through tough times — whether it’s the loss of a loved one or a job, a health battle, or a divorce. This uplifting podcast features conversations with medical experts, life coaches, authors, special guests, and people who have persevered through adversity sharing their advice and stories of hope and resilience.