13 Investigates puts State Labor’s online chatbot to the test

The Department of Labor is asking people to use their online chatbot if people have questions about their unemployment.

13 Investigates wanted to see how helpful it is. It seemed to work pretty well.

"You are getting further than you normally do. Before I would just get cut off," Cheri said.

Cheri called 13 Investigates for help after she says she was not receiving money for unemployment.

We were able to help resolve her problem, and she is getting her money.

"I was having the issue of trying to get a hold of somebody verbally, talking to somebody," Cheri said. "I would try to get on the website, and I was being kicked off of it."

The chatbot was added to their website in August 2021.

It’s designed to answer your common questions about unemployment claims and cut down on the call volume.

Cheri said DOL did not have this helpful tool when she was applying for unemployment.

"It kind of gives you a lot of clarity on where you go with the website because I found that the website was a little confusing," she said.

Perkins gives you a series of prompts with a few answers to pick from.

Based on what you answer, it will direct you to the right place for information.

Perkins can’t answer questions about the status of specific claims.

Learn about how it works by watching the video of Tessa Bentulan’s story.

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