Active shooter drill brings law enforcement to Union College

SCHENECTADY – More than a dozen law enforcement agencies participated in an emergency training exercise Wednesday at Union College. They were doing a large scale active shooter exercise.

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The first scenario of the day was a first responder ambush. The call came in as an auto accident, which turned into an ambush. The situation then involves into a multiple attack event where multiple officers have to enter the building and engage the shooter.

After the first scenario, everyone came inside, and they had a debrief session. They discussed what went well and what they could improve upon.

Andrew Dannible is the full-time training officer for the Schenectady Police Department. He says this training is important because he says there have been incidents across the country where first responders were not prepared.

"Hopefully, one of these events never happens around here, but if it does, we would like to think that we’ll be as prepared as we can be should it occur, and that starts with joint training and not just in police agencies, but also with the EMS agencies in the area as well," said Dannible.

He says this is the third year they have held this training. He says this year, they have had their largest amount of participants.

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Hear the head of campus security at Union College discuss why having law enforcement train directly on their campus is very important by watching the video of Jonathan Hunter’s story.