Albany charter school’s CEO preparing students for life’s challenges

As part of NewsChannel 13’s one-hour special on the anniversary of the killing of George Floyd, Elaine Houston spoke to the president and CEO of Green Tech High School.

The all-boys school in Albany vows to give children the best education they can get.

However, Dr. Paul Miller knows that what happens outside the school has a great impact on his students’ behavior inside the school. He knows because he grew up in surroundings similar to many of his students.

Miller vows not only to give them the best education they can get, but also to prepare them as much as he can for when they leave school – not just for college, but for how the world will see them as young Black men.

You can hear from Miller as part of our hour-long special "George Floyd: Two Years Later," Wednesday, May 25 at 7 p.m. on NewsChannel 13.