Albany renews push to crack down on illegal dirt bikes, ATVs

ALBANY – There is a renewed push to crack down on illegal dirt bikes and ATV’s on city streets in Albany.

A news conference was held at the Arbor Hill Fire Station on Wednesday morning.

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NewsChannel 13 is told that on Friday, riders there surrounded a fire truck — preventing it from getting in or out — and actually zooming aggressively at firefighters standing outside.

It’s a big problem around here also for residents, but it’s not just here — it’s all around the city.

Mayor Kathy Sheehan stood with city and community leaders along with firefighters and police to talk about efforts to crack down on a long-standing problem.

People speeding on these dirt bikes and ATVs on city streets, narrowly missing families out for a walk, children playing, causing issues for drivers.

The mayor says they are causing mayhem. She says they’re loud, dangerous, and having a big impact on quality of life.

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Police have created a task force.

This goes hand in hand with an increase in bikes and other vehicles being stolen all around the Capital Region.

"This is not a rural playground. This is not some obstacle course for people to use and abuse," said Mayor Kathy Sheehan. "The message today is very clear. Do not come here and ride your ATV and dirt bike, because you are not only putting yourself and our residents in danger. It will cost you $3,000 when we take it from you."

That $3,000 includes a $650 fine.

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The city announced a hotline to call if anyone has information about where these bikes and ATVs are being stored, or a planned gathering – (518) 462-1818.