Assemblyman Tague introduces bill to remove child mask mandate

The debate on whether children need to wear masks continues to rage on.

On Wednesday, Republican lawmakers from the Capital Region were joined by parents to say it’s time to unmask children at school.

Assemblyman Chris Tague announced a new bill to prevent state agencies from mandating masks for children. The bill would apply to school and summer camp settings.

One local mother says adults need to speak up for their children.

"Fifty three days of straight decline. Zero new cases as of yesterday. Why are kids still wearing masks? Our kids can’t speak for themselves. We are their advocates," said Melissa Jones of Rensselaer County. "They deserve better. Enough is enough, unmask our kids now."

Assemblymember Mary Beth Walsh compared the back and forth changes to mask wearing as "whiplash" for kids.

The governor announced earlier this week that kids no longer have to wear masks outside.