Banning puppy mills: why state leaders say they need to be shut down

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The State Senate is voting on a package of animal advocacy bills. One of those includes banning puppy mills.

Senate Deputy Leader Michael Gianaris says with so many animals in need of rescue, there is no need for the mills.

Puppy mills are described as large breeding businesses that keep dogs in small, confined cages. The senator says the living conditions are usually, dirty and disease infested. He says once a female can no longer reproduce, she’s killed.

Gianaris says the passage of this bill will protect animals from breeders that abuse and neglect them for profit.

"They use them to produce more animals, ship them out to stores for sale, and many times they’re sick, they’re maltreated and the people who purchase them end up paying thousands of dollars in vet costs they didn’t expect," he said.

The senator says this bill will encourage pet shop owners to partner with local animal shelters and promote pet adoption instead.