Be on the lookout for Father’s Day scams

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Before you purchase your dad a gift this Father’s Day, you may want to pay close attention. There are a few scams out there aimed at taking your money.

They include e-card scams and package delivery scams. But, one big one is the WhatsApp Heineken beer scam.

If you go to WhatsApp, you may see a message that says you can win free crates of beer for your dad. Both WhatsApp and Heineken have announced that this is indeed a scam.

NewsChannel 13 spoke to J. Michael Skiba, a local fraud expert. He says the scammers will show you a nice visual of a cooler of beer and then try to get you to fill out a survey.

Skiba says the scammers will ask for more personal information, such as your name and address. There are also e-card scams as well, where scammers will send you a message via email and text. If you open the link, it could install viruses and malware.

Skiba says scams out there usually have a tell-tale sign. You want to pay attention to see if you notice any misspellings and syntax errors.

"But also, a really foolproof way is to look at where it is sending you, that point of engagement where they are asking you to click on something. So, hover over that and see where that is actually taking you. You know, is it taking you to a legitimate shipping site," said J. Michael Skiba.

Skiba says getting a physical gift may be the safest thing this year.