Broken poles cause road closure on Nott Street

An early morning accident on Nott Street involving two cars took out several power line poles causing roads to be closed. Schenectady Police tell us the damage happened around 4:00 a.m. in front of Ellis Hospital.

It is unclear how the poles went down, but National Grid assures us no power was lost because the wires are still connected to the poles.

The work may take up 24 hours to complete and advisories are out to avoid the area on Nott Street between Rosa Rd. and Grand Blvd. during the repair.

Two poles on Nott Street are affected but it is unclear if a secondary issue with a pole on Waverly Place and Grand Boulevard is related.

Schenectady Police believe weather was a factor and tell us the drivers and two vehicles have been found. No tickets or arrests have been made at this time. The Traffic Division is investigating the accident.

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