Capital Region kids getting COVID vaccinations

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GUILDERLAND – At first, 11-year-old Cadence Relyea of Glenmont was apprehensive about getting her COVID shot, but then Thursday afternoon came around and everything changed.

"I would say it was surprisingly easy to do," the Bethlehem Middle School student said.

After one quick poke in the arm, anxiety turned into relief.

"I feel good about it, because now I’m protecting my friends, my family, and everybody around me," she pointed out.

For the Relyea family, there was really never any question that their kids would get the shot.

"We were on the phone last night as soon as we saw the coverage on your channel," said Allison Relyea, Candence’s mother.

Even before this week’s CDC endorsement, the Relyea’s were already leaning towards vaccinating their children.

"We’ve been talking about it for quite some time and to Cadence’s credit, when I got vaccinated she said, "Well, when will it be my turn? I want to do my part," Allison stated.

At Schoolhouse Pediatrics in Guilderland, 48 children came in to get vaccinated on Wednesday night. Dr. Brian Sheridan says his office has been inundated with phone calls, and for most people, he says, there are two recurring concerns which he gladly answers.

"I do believe it is safe, and I do believe it’s effective," Sheridan asserted.

Dr. Sheridan says he understands and respects those with lingering reluctance, and he suggests those parents should seek advice from their own primary care doctors.

"I think there are other families that are calling us right now, hundreds of phone calls coming in saying, ‘Can we get the vaccine right now?’ And then there’s another group of people who are saying, ‘I want to wait and see.’ And then there’s a third group of people who are saying it’s not for me at this time," Sheridan says, "I think it’s our job to kind of shift it this way. We’ll get there."

It’s a place that 11-year-old Cadence is already happy to be.

"I can do more now," Cadence says, "We have to be vaccinated because I want to do the musical in my school, and you have to be vaccinated to do that."

Doctors at Schoolhouse Pediatrics estimate it might take up to six months to fully vaccinate all the children in their care.