Cuomo lawyer asks attorney general to recuse herself from investigation

The former governor’s attorney is once again asking for Attorney General Letitia James to recuse herself from any further decisions regarding the August report.

That report stated Gov. Cuomo sexually harassed multiple women.

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Glavin believes the attorney general has a conflict of interest because she announced that she is running for governor. Glavin believes Letitia James past judgment was compromised by political motivations.

Glavin says she is sending out two letters. One letter will go to the attorney general. The other letter will go to the Assembly Judiciary Committee. Glavin says at the same time James was making official decisions, she was campaigning for office. Glavin says in March Gov. Cuomo wanted a separate lawyer to handle the investigation because he knew there would be a conflict of interest.

Glavin says throughout the entire process James has refused to engage with them. Glavin believes there are errors and redactions in the August report the attorney general released. Glavin sent James a letter. She is calling on the AG’s office to provide them access to all of the underlying evidence without any redactions. Glavin is also asking for the Assembly Judiciary Committee to provide them with the evidence they collected. She is calling on the committee to give them a chance to see and respond to the evidence before it is released to the public.

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A spokesperson for the Attorney General’s Office sent NewsChannel 13 a statement:

"Andrew Cuomo’s school yard bullying and lies have gone on for long enough. New Yorkers are tired of this circus and tired of the day-to-day sideshow by a former governor who is just grasping for the spotlight. Today’s embarrassing press conference was simply dramatics and faux outrage. To be clear, we stand by the report into multiple allegations of sexual harassment against Andrew Cuomo and, more importantly, we stand by the women who were brave enough to come forward and speak truth to power. If Andrew Cuomo didn’t want to be accused of sexual harassment, he shouldn’t have sexually harassed multiple women in the first place."