Cuomo speaks publicly for the first time since leaving office

BROOKLYN – Former Gov. Andrew Cuomo made his first public appearance since stepping down from office last August amid sexual harassment allegations.

Cuomo spoke at God’s Battalion of Prayer Church in Brooklyn, Sunday.

The former governor told the group he had gone through a "difficult period" during the past few months, and was using God’s guidance to help him through.

"I believe in life God sends us challenges, Life will knock us down at some point and the question is what we do in that moment. Do we get angry, do we feel sorry for ourselves, or do we learn from it and get back up off the mat?" Cuomo explained. "It is a bridge that one needs to cross, and it’s a long bridge. The bridge goes from anger to acceptance, from resentment to reconciliation."

During his address, Cuomo continued to defend himself against claims he had sexually harassed multiple women.

"No one ever told me I made them feel uncomfortable, and I never sensed that I caused any discomfort to anyone. I was trying to do the opposite. I understand that was my error," he explained. "However, the truth is also that contrary to what my political opponents would have you believe, nothing I did violated any law or regulation."

Last month, Cuomo’s team began airing TV spots, portraying the former governor as a victim of politics. Cuomo’s attorney has continually called out Attorney General Letitia James’ investigation for "knowingly and willfully ignored evidence of perjury, witness tampering and extortion."

Attorney General Leticia James’ campaign has responded the former Governor’s appearance and released the following statement:

“Serial sexual harasser Andrew Cuomo won’t even spare a house of worship from his lies. Even though multiple independent investigations found his victims to be credible, Cuomo continues to blame everyone but himself. Cuomo wasn’t railroaded; he quit so he wouldn’t be impeached. New Yorkers are ready to move forward from this sick, pathetic man”