Cuomo’s attorney: Report biased, misleading

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ALBANY – Former Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s attorney is calling for a new independent review of the sexual harassment allegations against her client.

Rita Glavin believes the attorney general’s investigation of Andrew Cuomo was "biased and misleading," and that it ignored what she says represents exculpatory evidence.

Glavin is also alleging Letitia James had an ulterior motive to release the report when it was released and as it was written.

Glavin says there’s no doubt in her mind the investigation was done "very quickly" so that there would be a rush to judgment, to get "all politicians in a corner demanding the resignation of Andrew Cuomo."

That way, she theorizes, it cleared the path for Letitia James to declare her candidacy for governor, which she did just days after the report came out.

James has since dropped out of the race.

"I implore the attorney general to do the right thing," Glavin stated at a news conference Thursday afternoon. "Appoint truly independent investigators to do the review. Correct this report and use all of the evidence, even the evidence that hurts. Talk about the weaknesses in the case and in your conclusions and other evidence that doesn’t support it. That’s what these types of independent reports are supposed to do."

Glavin says if the attorney general does not amend the report, she will explore any and all legal options that are available.