Customers’ complaints about late propane deliveries from Ferrellgas continue

The phone calls and emails about the problems people are experiencing with Ferrellgas do not seem to slow down. All the complaints 13 Investigates receive still revolve around late deliveries.

The New York Propane Gas Association says although Ferrellgas is not a member of their association, and they do not know the details of their situation, they say they are not aware of any supply issues or late deliveries being an issue with any other propane company at this time.

NewsChannel 13 spoke on the phone last week with Timothy Sayers, Vice President of Retail Operations for Ferrellgas. Sayers was the one who said to reach out to the New York Propane Gas Association (NYPGA) in the first place. He said Ferrellgas was not the only propane company experiencing these issues right now.

In some cases, customers tell 13 Investigates they are getting their propane delivered weeks late by Ferrellgas.

The association says depending on weather conditions, a reasonable time frame for response to a customer who needs fuel is a couple of hours, or maybe a couple of days – but not weeks.

The association says for customers who are not signed up for automatic deliveries, they recommend calling to schedule a delivery when your propane tank is 30% full. Ferrellgas has given that same advice to customers.

With that said, people are still telling NewsChannel 13 it’s coming much later than expected.

The New York Propane Gas Association has 250 members. About 150 of them are propane dealers, and the other 100 provide services or products to those dealers. It is optional to become a member.

We reached out to Ferrellgas for comment. 13 Investigates explained that they reached out to the association after they recommended it.

They sent back a contradicting response:

"I appreciate that the NYPGA confirmed our continued belief, Ferrellgas AND all other propane companies in the Capital Region are operating as per normal for this time of year. Ferrellgas has been responding as quickly as we can, because we don’t want to leave any of our customers out in the cold. We encourage our customers to request our ‘Keep Full’ program, because it might help to avoid the frustrations some of our local customers have been experiencing. But no matter what program you choose, everyone should know Ferrellgas is committed to making sure every customer in the Capital Region has propane when they need it."