DEC unveils new tool to help with high peaks rescues

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A tool that’s new to the high peaks this summer can help with rescues. It’s called the wheeled litter.

People in the high peaks or the Catskills who slip on a rock or break a leg have previously been carried out on stretchers. The wheeled litter, already in use in the Catskills, makes this process easier.

It almost looks like a wheelbarrow.

It’s basically a fat mountain bike tire with a hand brake that attaches to a stretcher.

Now rangers can roll the patient instead of carry them, making it much easier. It also helps provide more stability on uneasy terrain.

Ranger Robert Dawson says he saw what a helpful tool it could be immediately when they first used it during a rescue in the Catskills.

"With 12 rangers, we were able to get this individual out. If we didn’t have the litter wheel, you would be easily looking at 30 to 40 rescuers coming in to help carry this individual out," said Dawson.

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