Doctor offers safe tips to deal with baby formula shortage

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Parents across the country are growing concerned about the baby formula shortage, which is showing no signs of improving any time soon. So what can they do to help ensure their little ones get the food they need?

Dr. Richard So, a pediatrician at Cleveland Clinic Children’s, says it is perfectly safe for parents to buy generic brands of baby formula, especially since the ingredients are very similar.

The same applies to formulas designed for babies with sensitivities.

Doctor So says liquid formula is another safe alternative, however it is generally a little more expensive.

As far as buying formulas off the internet, he says that’s fine as long as they’re from a reputable United States company that is FDA regulated.

He also discourages making homemade formulas, supplementing with cow’s milk or diluting store bought formula.

"When parents can’t find it, they’re going to try and stretch out like a store brand formula and maybe diluting it. That’s very dangerous to your baby as well, because formulas are very balanced from a micronutrients and electrolytes standpoint," said So.

He says part of the problem is many parents are starting to hoard baby formula, so he advises only buying about two weeks’ worth at a time. That way, there is enough for others in need.