Doctor sues Saratoga Springs butcher shop for $250k over mask mandate

A local eye doctor has filed a federal lawsuit claiming an area butcher was practicing medicine without a license.

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Dr. David Kwiat walked into Primal in Saratoga Springs a little over two months ago. He was asked to wear a mask.

Kwiat argues that because a face mask is a medical device, when someone other than a doctor forces you to wear one, it constitutes practicing medicine without a license. That’s a felony.

Tim Howland is the Director of Operations at Primal. He calls the lawsuit nasty, deplorable and frivolous.

If the lawsuit is successful, the business stands to lose a quarter of a million dollars.
Even if the butcher shop wins the lawsuit – which they expect will happen – they’re still out the legal fees it takes to fight the case.

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NewsChannel 13 asked the eye doctor about the mask policy in his own practice. See his response by watching the video of Dan Levy’s story.