Emergency room doctors save Florida teen after scooter injury

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ORLANDO, Fla. – Mackenzie Smoley, 14, is alive after having a close call with death. The scary part is she had no idea that anything was wrong.

On a Saturday night a few months back, Mackenzie took her electric scooter for a short spin. There was a raccoon. Mackenzie got scared, tried to turn around, and she fell.

Mackenzie says her stomach hit the handlebars, knocking the wind out of her, but she had no other obvious injuries.

However, Mackenzie ended up in the school nurse’s office that Monday, complaining of stomach pain.

Her mom then brought her to the emergency room, where doctors discovered he had lacerated her kidney, and had internal bleeding.

It was unclear if her kidney could heal or have to be removed.

Luckily, doctors were able to stabilize Mackenzie without surgery, but her mom wants parents to know if your child has any type of traumatic accident, it’s worth a trip to the ER.

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