Facebook ad leads Saratoga woman on path to opening dream boutique

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Shelby Ackley will tell you she never expected to make a living standing in front of a camera and selling online.

"I grew up with really not much," said Ackley. "Everything that I needed I had. My mom was a single mom of five." However, her humble beginnings couldn’t stop her from dreaming of one day being successful.

Helping other women was also important to her.

However, life comes at you fast, as the saying goes. The Saratoga native got married and started having a family. Then a Facebook ad to sell makeup caught her eye.

"It was a $99 kit of makeup, and at the time, I wasn’t working. It was just my husband working," recalled Ackley.

She wasn’t sure if it would work out.

However, it did work out, and that success pushed her to go back and resurrect her dream of owning her own business. She did so in 2020, during a pandemic.

It’s called Meraki N Oak. The online boutique is not just booming, it is exploding in the ways Ackley always wanted.

See some of the fashions she’s offered by watching the video of Elaine Houston’s story.

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