Family identifies 13-year-old killed in crash, Hackett Middle School student

A 13-year-old is dead after a police chase in Albany involving a stolen car that ended in a crash.

Family members have identified him as Tea’Shawn Walker, a Hackett Middle School student. Tea’Shawn’s family said he was on the basketball team.

"He is not a bad kid, he didn’t know the car was stolen," a family member told NewsChannel 13.

NewsChannel 13 spoke to Tea’Shawn last month at Hackett Middle School during a Top Teacher interview.

In a handwritten letter, Tea’Shawn nominated Albany School District’s Ava Holt. The letter wrote:

"I am writing to nominate my social worker, Mrs. Holt for the News Channel 13. I am nominating Mrs. Holt because she is kind and thoughtful. We often have conversations about how I feel while drinking tea. Miss Holt is a very special person to me because She makes me feel comfortable when talking to her. I really hope Ms. Holt gets nominated because she deserves it. Sincerely, Tea’Shawn Walker"

In a statement, Albany Superintendent, Kaweeda G. Adams, said there are support professions on campus throughout the day for students and employees:

"The William S. Hackett Middle School community is deeply saddened by the death of one of its students in a tragic car accident Monday evening. Our Crisis Response Team, consisting of student support professionals from our Pupil Personnel Services team, is on campus and will be available for all students and employees throughout the day. Students and employees who would like to speak to someone in a private setting are able to contact their school counselor or ask any member of the Crisis Response Team for support. We also are encouraging families to talk with their children as they may have questions and worries about this loss. Discussing thoughts and feelings is important in helping young people work through loss. We mourn the loss of this young life, and our hearts go out to the family in this time of grief."

This is a developing story.