FDA approves new eye drops to temporarily correct vision

A new eye drop that can help you ditch your readers is about to hit the market.

The FDA just approved Vuity eye drops.

They temporarily correct your vision so that you can see up close without the use of readers for six to 10 hours.

It’s the first FDA-approved eye drop to treat age-related blurry near vision, also known as presbyopia.

The pros? You can go without readers all day.

The cons? There are possible side effects.

"There’s some issues that are reporting where you can have some brow pain, headache, and some minor, minor concerns with retinal issues. So if you’re somebody who has retina issues at baseline, then I would say definitely, definitely do not run to get that drop, check with an ophthalmologist before getting on it," said Dr. Shaam Mahasneh, an ophthalmologist.

The drops will eventually be made available at pharmacies nationwide. The maker says they’ll cost $80 out of pocket for a 30-day supply.