Ghana-native’s dreams come true with Amsterdam medical practice

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Growing up in her native Ghana, Linda Kowalski’s life was filled with hardships and few opportunities.

Her dad died at 42, and her mom had to work hard to keep things going.

All of her dreams centered around coming to America.

She got her chance in 2001, when she joined relatives living in the Bronx. She quickly went about trying to find a job, going door-to-door offering to clean people’s homes.

She was also persistent about getting an education, earning an associate’s degree, bachelor’s, and master’s. This summer, she’ll earn a PhD.

She no longer has to go door-to-door looking for odd jobs. She now owns her own medical practice in Amsterdam.

"If I can come from nowhere and make it in the United States, that American dream does exist," said Kowalski.

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