Gloversville summer camp helps young adults with autism spectrum disorders

GLOVERSVILLE — A special summer camp looks to help young adults with Autism spectrum disorders overcome their fears and unique challenges.

Transitions programs focus on life skills, cooking, handling finances and social interaction. This weekend camp gives students an introduction to the programs.

"I am learning how to live independently, how to get a job and living on my own in general," said Santiago Brion, a full-time year-round student at Transitions.

The programs are so successful, that there will be 60 students at Fulton County locations; five other students will take part in a new program launching in Albany.

"Being an adult is hard and some people need the extra help even in the house to cook and clean things that maybe other people don’t need help with ….but our students we find that having that extra guide really helps them excel," said Outreach Coordinator Olive Shephard.

Students come to Transitions from as far away as California and even Spain.