Gov. Hochul expands vaccine mandates

Gov. Hochul said Tuesday that she has continued to stand by the vaccine mandates, as well as mask wearing, to try to get New York to open up back safely. She also expanded mandates.

Vaccine mandates are now in place for people working in adult care facilities, home health agencies, long-term home health care programs, aids home care programs, hospice care, and diagnostic and treatment centers. The deadline for the new vaccine mandate is November 1.

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Hochul says 76% of New Yorkers age 18 and older are now fully vaccinated. For those age 12 to 17, it’s 57%. She says she wants to find more creative ways to encourage unvaccinated people to get the shot.

The governor took several questions Tuesday about the vaccine mandate. She was asked about facilities having to be closed because of staffing shortages related to it.

Hochul expressed concern about some areas of the state with lower vaccination rates, saying she’s going to be talking to county executives on the challenges they’re facing when it comes to getting people vaccinated. She highlighted how sports teams have worked together to offer incentives for folks to get vaccinated. She also said that she doesn’t mind the criticism she’s facing about this.

"It was not an easy decision, because a lot of people’s lives are affected, but I have to just be clear-eyed and laser-focused on the priorities that I must have as the governor of the state, and that is to protect peoples’ health," said Hochul.

Learn what Hochul is saying about any more possible vaccine mandates to come by watching the video of Rachel Tiede’s story.