Gov. Hochul pushes for changes to controversial bail reform laws

Gov. Hochul is raising the stakes in the upcoming budget due April 1. She’s pushing for changes to the state’s controversial bail reform laws. Hochul confirmed there is a plan.

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It’s no secret that bail reform has been criticized by law enforcement officials and by Republican lawmakers.

According to the New York Post, the plan would give judges more discretion to order bail and detain criminal defendants for a host of additional crimes. It would make it easier to prosecute gun trafficking and make repeat offenses subject to arrest and bail eligible.

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The governor says the plan was not leaked to the press by her office. She says she will not negotiate this plan in the public.

Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple applauds the governor for the plan. Apple admits making the changes is risky for her because people on both sides of the aisle may have a difference of opinion on the matter.

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Hear Gov. Hochul talk more about why she wants the changes to bail reform, and learn what Sheriff Apple’s said to NewsChannel 13 when we asked if he thinks bail reform has hurt New York by watching the video of Jonathan Hunter’s story.