Hate symbols found on Schenectady buildings

Schenectady police are investigating hateful graffiti left around the city.

Around 11:30 Tuesday night, someone called 911 when they spotted several swastikas scrawled onto a church in the city. When police came to look at the graffiti, they started finding it all over town.

NewsChannel 13 talked to people in the church office who said obviously this is unfortunate, but luckily no one was around, no one was hurt and only a few people even saw the symbols.

The fire department quickly cleaned up the area and police are not releasing any photos of the hate symbols.

Police are still investigating the graffiti as a potential hate crime.

Whoever did this also hit locations all over the business district. Police tell NewsChannel 13 the person or people also left satanic symbols and quite a bit of profanity.

The police say everything was written in chalk, which made it easily washable by the fire department. However, they want to find the people who did this, and ask them why.

Since the area has a lot of surveillance video, police anticipate an arrest soon.