Healing mentally after the pandemic

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Masks are off if you’re vaccinated, stores have reopened, vacations are being booked. So we should all be feeling good, right?
While many who were anxious or depressed during the pandemic are feeling better, some will need professional help to regain their emotional footing.

Loved ones were lost. Jobs evaporated, and our social networks were strained.

We experienced the fear of becoming infected with COVID-19.

We endured isolation and quarantine.

Milestones like graduations and birthdays were missed. Celebrations were postponed.

May is "Mental Health Awareness Month." This year it may be more important than ever.

That’s because of all the mental health issues triggered by the pandemic in both adults and kids.

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Getting through this past year is something we can all look back on when faced with other challenges, and feel empowered to deal with other roadblocks.

However, stay alert, because even if you’ve come through this crazy time feeling pretty good, don’t be surprised if your emotional health gets sidetracked. You may also see this in your children, and it’s not unusual following an extremely stressful time.

How do we heal, no matter our age? Reaching out for help is the first step.

Hear some other tips by watching the video of Benita Zahn’s story, and clicking the link below.

MORE INFORMATION: NY Project Hope Emotional Support Helpline