Hudson entrepreneur a hit with customizable printmaking kits

A Hudson entrepreneur is turning his toy invention into a product for kids and adults alike.

The company is called PRIXEL, a startup that makes customizable printmaking kits.

The kits use silicone pieces that people can arrange into unique illustrations and patterns.

Entrepreneur Brandon Gamm is moving the kit he invented beyond the prototyping stage to a mass-manufactured product.

PRIXEL’s story begins 11 years ago in Austin, Texas, where Gamm was working as a graphic designer. He made the first PRIXEL prototype by using laser-cut rubber pieces glued to LEGOs.

Each kit includes 544 unique pieces featuring either letters, numbers or shapes such as squares and triangles.

PRIXEL sold its first kit in August 2021 and sales have continued even without any marketing.

Gamm is currently in a fundraising stage and looking for a manufacturing partner.

This story comes to us from the Center for Economic Growth.

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