Investigators say Glens Falls bank robbery was part of two-state crime spree

A Glens Falls man was arraigned Thursday in connection with a bank robbery. Only NewsChannel 13’s camera was rolling in court.

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The robbery was just the beginning of an alleged two-state crime spree for Joseph Skellie.

Skellie has two prior felony convictions and served time in prison for burglary and grand larceny. Police say he robbed the Glens Falls National Bank on Broad Street on the morning of March 28.

Police say Skellie demanded money from the tellers, got it and left the state.

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Police in South Burlington, Vermont say just three days after the bank robbery, Skellie tried to kidnap a woman at knifepoint in a South Burlington parking lot. They say he held the knife to her stomach, demanded her car keys and said he was going to take her for a ride.

He’s charged in New York with robbery and grand larceny. In Vermont, he’s accused of aggravated assault and attempted kidnapping.

He pleaded not guilty and was sent back to Warren County Jail where, because he has two felony convictions, only a county judge can decide if bail will be set.

Meanwhile, Glens Falls Police are left wondering if it was Skellie’s plan to rob the bank and then try to kidnap a woman.

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