Knowing the warning signs of heat illness in kids

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Heat and humidity can drain important body fluids children need.

If your child appears tired, cranky, or fatigued while outside playing, they may be suffering from dehydration.

Water is best, but sports drinks or even ice cream can help.

If your child is experiencing heat cramps, they’ll need electrolytes and salt, in addition to water.

Exhaustion and vomiting are signs of possible heat stroke.

Pediatricians say you can help by hydrating the night before.

"If you start your tank at halfway, as the day goes on, you’re going to come down. So I want you to drink a bottle of water before you go to bed and another one before you start in the morning, so you start your day at a full tank. Then as you play, and you get dehydrated, you can actually just stay up in higher levels," said Dr. Richard So, a pediatrician.

If your child is having changes in consciousness, seek medical attention immediately.