Lawmakers gear up for possible impeachment proceedings against Cuomo

One day after the bombshell sexual harassment findings by the attorney general, calls for the governor to resign grow louder.

Right now, the governor is defiant, with no plans to resign. He’s still denying the allegations against him.

It’s not just the lawmakers. People protested outside his office in Manhattan. A banner that reads "THE REPORT IS IN. REMOVE CUOMO NOW" flew over the Capitol on Wednesday. It was paid for by a group called "UltraViolet." It’s a national organization with more than one million members. They say they fight for gender justice.

One big question is what’s next as state lawmakers gear up for impeachment proceedings.

Lawmakers say they’re still reeling from the news. The impeachment process is a complicated one, and it begins with one committee in the Assembly.

As assemblymembers held an emergency conference call on Tuesday. Members agreed they need to move forward with an impeachment proceeding.

"I will add that I am one who also said we need to do this right. We need to follow the rule of law and do this right, but I am one who thinks we need to move, we need to act on this," said Democratic Assem. Pat Fahy.

Many lawmakers are calling for Cuomo to resign.

In his video response, the governor made no indication of stepping down.

"What he said is it’s not my fault that you misinterpreted what I did to you and what I said. Now how do you misinterpret running your hand up and down a New York state trooper’s back? How do you misconstrue that," asked Republican Rensselaer County Executive Steve McLaughlin.

In the impeachment process, the Assembly Judiciary Committee finishes its investigation with a resolution for the full Assembly to vote on. A simple majority is needed for impeachment. Then it goes to the Senate, joined by the Court of Appeals, for a trial. A two-thirds majority is needed for conviction there.

Should Cuomo resign or be removed, Lieutenant Governor Kathy Hochul would become acting governor for the rest of his term, until 2023.

Hear more from Fahy about her hope of streamlining the entire process by watching the video of Kumi Tucker’s story.