Lawmakers hold hearing on gun safety, ammo database

At a time when violence is at the forefront in the Capital Region, with a shooting in Albany where seven people were shot, state lawmakers talked about gun safety on Thursday.

One thing being considered is whether the state should activate the Ammunition Database, which would track ammo purchases in the state.

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During Thursday’s hearing, a couple of people spoke about things that can be done to address gun violence. Many of the speakers were in favor of the ammunition database.

One of those who testified was Rebecca Fisher. She is the executive director of New Yorkers Against Gun Violence. Fisher is in favor of the database. She says the database would allow for state police and any dealer to run a background check on any ammunition sale.

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Under the SAFE Act, the database was set to be launched for record keeping and background checks. It’s been eight years, and it is still not operational. Fisher believes it’s time to start utilizing the database.

"Just like background checks are necessary and effective at preventing individuals who have a dangerous record from buying a gun, the same should apply to bullets," she said.

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Law enforcement officials also testified. They say they are in favor of the database, but also weighed in on other things they believe need to be done to address gun violence.

Learn what they are by watching the video of Jonathan Hunter’s story.