Lenox restaurant owner leads effort to help keep dining industry afloat

Five Berkshire County restaurants that are female-owned have received $5,000 grants from the Massachusetts Conference for Women.

They’re a non-profit that supports women business owners.

One of those restaurant owners is Molly Lyon-Joseph.

Like most businesses, her Lenox restaurant, Frankie’s, had to change course during the pandemic.

Instead of closing, they pivoted and shifted to outdoor dining and to-go food. Her staff stayed employed.

Along with helping her staff, she also wanted to help her community. That meant getting the basics for them.

"It wasn’t about how can we help, necessarily, the restaurant, but how can we help others," said Lyon-Joseph.

It all turned into a great partnership between the community and Frankie’s.

With things looking up, Lyon-Joseph opened a second restaurant during the pandemic, Pizzeria Boema.

She says she knows it was risky, but says women should never be afraid to take a risk.

Hear her words of encouragement for others, by watching the video of Elaine Houston’s story.

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