‘More music, less violence’: one DJ’s effort to unite people through music

Mario Johnson, also know as DJ Hollyw8d began "More Music, Less Violence" during the height of the pandemic in 2020.

It first started off as a pop up show in Troy and has since branched out in different cities in the Capital Region.

DJ Hollyw8d kicked off today’s event at Caffe’ Lena with a moment of silence for all victims of violence. "I recently lost one of my artist that I used to manage due to gun violence, along with that I grew up in Brooklyn New York where violence is kind of a norm," he said.

For over 60 years, Executive Director, Sarah Craig says Caffé Lena has been a safe space for artist to express themselves. "We agree that music and the performance arts, is something that can heal division between people and bring comfort during challenging times," she said.

27 -year-old Gian Carpino says his music is for everyone, but he started off with a special birthday song for his mom who watched proudly from the crowd. "When you’re focused on something like a goal, you’re going to stay out of trouble. You’re not going to get into problems, you’re going to be so busy chasing your dreams, nothing bad will befall you," said Carpino.

Through art, DJ Hollyw8d wants to unite people and promote healing and peace.

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