New boiler ordered for Schuylerville apartments without heat for weeks

SCHUYLERVILLE – A Schuylerville apartment complex is going on nearly two weeks without heat in the frigid temperatures we’ve had.

13 Investigates first told you about this last Friday, and how our involvement was able to help them get their hot water back on.

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Now we’re being told a new boiler will be installed on Tuesday. The hope is that the heat will then start working again.

Some tenants say maintenance was there over the weekend.

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For the time being, the nearly 20 residents have been given space heaters by management. However, some of them say they don’t keep them on overnight because they’re scared it will start a fire – especially after the apartment fire that broke out in the Bronx a few weeks ago.

The age range for people living in this building is large, from kids all the way up to elderly people.

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Hear from a woman concerned about her mother-in-law in the building, and also from a lawyer representing the landlords, by watching the video of Tessa Bentulan’s story.