New details uncovered in arrest of Greene County kindergarten teacher

A kindergarten teacher in Greene County was arrested on drug charges during a lunch break while at work. NewsChannel 13 did some digging and uncovered new details in the case.

One of the charges against Melissa Saccoccie is DWAI Drugs.

DWAI stands for driving while ability impaired.

We wanted to know if she was impaired when she was arrested during her work day.

District Attorney Joe Stanzione, responded via email, saying Melissa Saccoccie was arrested for DWAI drugs based on signs of impairment.

She was also charged with Criminal Possession of a Controlled Substance.

He won’t say what that controlled substance was, but did say it was non-prescriptive narcotics.

13 Investigates has reached out to the Cairo-Durham school superintendent to ask about Saccoccie’s job status.

After her arrest last Friday, Superintendent Michael Wetherbee told us, “The arrest occurred away from school grounds, and I was not provided with any official information concerning the nature of the criminal charges…or the alleged conduct underlying those charges.”

He told us he had not yet had the opportunity to speak with her, but anticipated doing so early this week.

NewsChannel 13 reached out again after getting the update from the district attorney, and he tells us Mrs. Saccoccie is on paid administrative leave while the investigation is ongoing.

A state trooper was also arrested in connection with this drug ring, which led us to ask the DA if this ring may have been catering to a more professional clientele.

He said they do have some indication that that may be the case.

He said this investigation is continuing.

13 Investigates will stay on this and keep you posted.