New Yorkers respond to Gov. Hochul’s speech addressing the state

New Yorkers have mixed feelings about now-Gov. Kathy Hochul taking office.

Some expressed optimism Tuesday after Hochul’s speech; other New Yorkers said they’re worried.

“I would like to see Governor Hochul fill the shoes of Governor Cuomo,” Queens resident and politician Martha Flores-Vazquez said.

She said she was a supporter of former Gov. Andrew Cuomo, and thought he handled the pandemic well. She said she likes Hochul and hopes she’s up to the challenge.

“We’re happy that there is a woman, that there is a female and that is Kathy Hochul, but it’s a sad day,” Flores-Vazquez said.

NewsChannel 13’s Rachel Tiede asked viewers on social media what they thought of Hochul’s speech.

At publication time, about 64% of the poll respondents said they approved of Hochul’s speech. About 23% said they did not approve. Just under 13% said “other.”

Some viewers wrote on social media they worried her speech was empty promises. Some comments expressed outright disapproval. Viewer Hope Mahoney said she’s cautiously optimistic.

“How was she not part of the hostile workplace under Cuomo as his deputy?” Mahoney said. “I’m hopeful, but wary.”