One expert argues mobile sports betting could make things harder for gambling addicts

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New York is the latest state to allow mobile sports betting. On Saturday at 9 a.m., people were able to go online to place their bets for the first time. While supporters of mobile sports betting say it’s expected to generate a lot of revenue, some are concerned about the impact it will have on gambling addiction.

Brandy Richards is the team leader for the Northeast Problem Gambling Resource Center. She says anytime you increase access to gambling, there will be an increase in problems. Richards says with mobile sports betting, people now have 24/7 access to the platform. She says problem gambling for a lot of people is a hidden addiction. So, she believes being able to gamble in privacy can be harmful for some individuals.

“It makes it much more accessible because now individuals don’t have to go to a brick and mortar and gaming facility. Even with a New York state lottery, there is apps on your phone, so some of those things were protective barriers in place where people couldn’t, you know, during COVID, you know, when the casino’s were shut down, people couldn’t go to that," said Richards.

Eric Ramsey is the lead market analyst for He is in support of mobile sports betting. He understands how this can affect people who have a gambling problem. He is happy that New York policy makers allocated money for problem gambling.

"Yes there will be some, you know, increases in problem gambling, but we need to make sure we are providing the resources to assist with that as well," said Ramsey.

Richards says there are resources out there for people who are dealing with gambling addiction. You can visit this website: