Pediatrician answers parents’ questions on COVID vaccine

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Some parents have been cautious about their kids getting the COVID vaccine, and may still have questions before getting their child vaccinated. Pediatrician Dr. Diane Tenenbaum spoke with NewsChannel 13 to answer questions she’s been hearing directly from parents.

"We’re actually still getting sort of the ‘We know what you say when you’re in public, but what do you really think’," said Tenenbaum. "The truth is what we’re saying…is not only how I feel and how most pediatricians feel, but it’s real," said Tenenbaum.

Tenenbaum acknowledges some parents are concerned because this vaccine hasn’t been around for decades like some others.

"I have a certain degree of respect for their concern, but I think that what we know about vaccines in general is that they are extraordinarily safe," said Tenenbaum. "The Messenger RNA vaccines…our thought is that this is going to be the way of the future for a lot of vaccines," said Tenenbaum. "So we feel really comfortable with this, and we feel very comfortable with what we know so far with respect to what we’re seeing in children with not only the level of protection, but the safety overall."

Hear Dr. Tenenbaum’s message for parents who aren’t in favor of kids using masks and who say "COVID just isn’t that serious for younger children" by watching the video of Subrina Dhammi’s story.