Planned Parenthood holds abortion rights rally in Albany

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Hundreds of people gathered on Central Avenue to make their voices heard. Saturday’s rally was organized by Upper Hudson Planned Parenthood.

Those who came to the rally stood on Central Avenue holding up signs and chanting phrases "Bans off our Bodies".

Some women even had signs that said my body my choice. If Roe VS. Wade were to be overturned, it wouldn’t have much of an impact in New York because the state passed the Reproductive Health Act in 2019.

So, women still seeking an abortion would still be able to do so in New York. Still, many pro abortion rights advocates still wanted to voice their concerns.

Jeff Thomas did not attend the rally. He is not in favor of abortions. Thomas believes life begins at conception. Thomas doesn’t believe a woman should have an abortion unless having the baby puts her life in jeopardy.