Political science professor notes pattern in Cuomo’s response to controversies

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After Tuesday’s bombshell report from the attorney general, NewsChannel 13 looked back at the history of Cuomo’s administration and couldn’t help but zero in on the corruption that emerged time and again.

Close allies and friends were caught behaving badly.

Most times, Cuomo had a response with a similar theme like the one he gave Wednesday, which is he was essentially oblivious to the wrongdoing surrounding him.

Way back in 2016, Cuomo claimed to know nothing about the bid rigging and scandalous behaviors that resulted in corruption charges against 10 people, all of them with connections to the governor. Among them were Todd Howe and Joe Percoco. Cuomo admitted he was close with Percoco. However, that’s all he admitted. When asked about the wrongdoing, he said he didn’t know about it.

In addressing the charges, then Federal Attorney and U.S. Prosecutor Preet Bharara chose his words carefully when addressing Cuomo’s complicity.

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Ron Seyb, Political Science and Government professor at Skidmore College says Cuomo’s pattern has been to claim ignorance. Seyb says that’s tough to believe from a man known to micromanage every aspect of his administration.

"It’s completely fair for reporters, journalists and commentators to look back to see if there’s a pattern there," said Seyb.

There are still ongoing investigations concerning the reporting of COVID nursing home deaths and the publication of the governor’s book using state resources.

Find out which other politician Seyb says this all reminds him of by watching the video of Jerry Gretzinger’s story.