Poll: Only one-third of voters say Cuomo should run again

Only one-third of New York voters think Gov. Cuomo should run for a fourth term. That’s according to the results of a new Siena poll released Thursday morning.

When asked what they would like the governor to do, 23% say he should resign immediately, 39% say he should serve out his term but not seek re-election, and 33% percent say he should continue to serve and run for re-election.

"So if you put that together, what you see is 33% of New Yorkers right now say run for re-election, 62% of New Yorkers say don’t run for re-election, a portion of them say get out now, a portion of them say serve out the remainder of your term, and then leave," explained Steve Greenberg with Siena Research Institute.

Cuomo currently is facing investigations for allegations of sexual harassment and the nursing home controversy.

The poll also finds voters approve the governor’s handling of the pandemic. Specifically, voters say Cuomo did a good job on managing vaccines, keeping New Yorkers informed, and reopening the state.

However, voters say Cuomo did a bad job, addressing questions about his handling of nursing homes.

Gov. Cuomo’s communications director, Rich Azzopardi, released the following statement:

"Today’s Siena poll is surprisingly positive because New Yorkers have only heard one side of the story and haven’t yet heard the truth. When they hear the true story and the political games people are playing it will be much different. Also it’s remarkable that only 13 percent of Democrats said the Governor should resign even though virtually all Democratic politicians‎ called for it. Clearly Democrats believe the Governor more than the politicians.‎"

MORE INFORMATION: Click here to see the full results of the poll