Republican leaders blast bail reform and want it repealed

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Republican state senators are blasting what they call the disastrous effects of the Democratic policies on bail reform.

They say New York is not as safe as it used to be because of it.

Senate Republican Leader Robert Ortt, said violent crimes are up. Including assaults, murders and robberies.

During the press conference at the New York State Capitol on Tuesday, Jan. 11 Ortt said cashless bail has created more victims.

It has also put law enforcement in even greater harm’s ways.

"What have the Democrats done about it? They have leaned in, continue to push policies that focus on criminals that would have you believe every criminal is really a victim. They’re a victim of the system," Ortt said. "This conference believes that criminals are criminals and the victims are the ones we never seem to talk about it."

This press conference comes nearly a week after the Senate Republicans unveiled their "Take Back New York" legislative agenda. They said it’s a strategy to make New York state safer, stronger, and more economically vibrant.

If enacted, one of their goals is to repeal bail reform and support law enforcement and crime victims.