Saratoga County business can convert some vehicles to run on bi-fuel propane

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GANSEVOORT – It’s no secret gas prices have been climbing. While the hike in prices is likely to continue, a business in Saratoga County offers a solution to companies who find themselves on the road.

Frank Jung is the owner and president of Precision Autogas. His company converts fleet vehicles and small-to mid-size trucks to run on bi-fuel propane, as well as gasoline.

"Most people, when they think of propane, assume that it’s something they run their barbecue tank with or barbecue grill with and then heat their home with, and we’ve taken that technology and applied it to motor vehicles," explained Jung.

He works with companies throughout the Capital Region and beyond to install conversion systems into fleet and business vehicles.

"Propane will offer you about 90% fuel mileage that you get on gasoline. It’s safer than gas, however. It’s also non-toxic and water soluble, so it’s much safer for the environment."

The systems don’t replace or remove a vehicle’s gas tank, but rather act as an alternative fuel source.

MORE INFORMATION: Precision Autogas on Facebook